About the Author



I have written my second book and it is available for reading pleasure. This is a great story about a man taken away from earth when he was very young and has to make his way or else. This book is boatloads of fun full of super scary monsters and the use of fantastic weapons to deal with them. Our hero of the story Greygan is someone that I would love to bring to the big screen. He returns to earth and the task of eliminating an alien threat is put square on his shoulders. Of course he has no idea how significant this threat has become and he realizes there is no one alive from the time in which he lived. Greygan faces constant danger and personnel dilemma as this action thriller runs you through the pages. I hope the powers that be want to make a movie out of this book and what an exciting heart pounding adrenaline rush it would be. I have my third book in the works and I am so proud of all my books. Get ready as the phenomonan Vegenrage will soon be starring right back at you.

I have completed the first installment of Vegenrage The Magic User. What a fantastic adventure and thrill ride that awaits you. I have really begun to expand and grow as a writer and I keep trying to get better all the time. There is so much to keep your interest in this book. There are great characters to become involved with. Great quests and adventure that is not limited to just Vegenrage. All the races of man all the demons and dragons and the fantastic creatures are waiting to be brought to life by your imagination. Let this book take you away and get ready because the adventure continues. Thank you for all your support and best wishes to all. Special thanks to Xlibris who have been wonderful and many more fantastic adventures are to come. Thank you Robert Spina.

Born September 13, 1968 . I have spent my life learning skills that I have deep passion for. I learned how to be a fluent typist in high school and what a valuable skill this is. I never had the opportunity to play guitar in high school but dreamt of being a guitar god. I spent many years after high school studying, practicing and learning guitar. My plan was to be in a heavy metal rock band and perform around the country and this would gain recognition for me leading me into making movies which I have dreamt about all my life. At the beginning of 2014 I set goals for myself. My main goal was simple. I don’t know how but by the end of 2014 I am going to be in a major motion picture as a significant leading character. In my journey through life and the adventure of learning, growing and questing for the dreams I try to make reality I have been lead to writing books. My goal is to make my books real in the form of major motion pictures. “Movies”. I have been a dreamer all my life and the books I write are the stories “I” would like to bring to the big screen. The talents and skills I have learned through life will guide and lead me on this journey forward through life. I really have found a deep passion for writing books rivaling my passion to be as good a guitar player as I can be. I watch the movie in my head and write it as best as I can. I have had very difficult times in my life and to create music on guitar and create great stories that I can see in my head as I write them typing on a keypad helps make all the tough times go away. I hope to use these skills and many more that I have learned throughout my life to be a truly unique and fun to watch individual as I keep striving to be better. I hope you enjoy reading my books very much. My second book is in the works right now. My third book is being written right now and the fourth is already waiting to be written. Stay with me and we can journey through this most fascinating adventure known as life. 

I have finished the second installment of Vegenrage and the adventure continues. In this story I wanted to show how the villain Cloakenstrike was really not a bad man and was made the villain through circumstance. I wanted to tell how he and Oriapow were once allies though for a short time. I wanted to tell some more history of the Magical System and what has lead to the third Dragon Feast which is upon the Magical System in Vegenrage Dragon Reclaim. The dragons are a dying species and they know it and the prophecy of Vegenrage has come to pass. See how the events unfold in this great story and what becomes of some of the great characters herein. The story continues so get ready for the third installment of Vegenrage.

The Infected Man is my fifth book and I wanted to take a little break from the Vegenrage series which I will be back to writing right away. The Infected Man is this idea I have had and it is driving me. A Man finds out he was infected as a baby with an intelligent virus. The virus can take over his mind and spread itself with the one in a billion who could fuse with the disease and survive. Now as an adult those that have infected him are pursuing him for what is inside of him. A great and suspenseful chase begins as Drake Hammond tries to escape those that would use him for evil. What a great story that could be made into a great movie or TV series. My goals are still to get my books made into movies and I am the male character written about in all my books. Stay with me on my journey through life and I will keep working hard to make my dreams and goals come true in the form of major motion pictures. Robert Spina.