About the Books

One Second Can Change Your Life

Mary and Jacob Jerrs have the perfect life. They have been married for nearly twenty-five years and are the envy of the little town of Trenton, New York. All the girls wish they were with Jacob, and all the boys wish they were with Mary, but Mary and Jacob have their wish and are holding their vows and each other above all else.

Anyone who says clean, good living goes unpunished does not know the truth.....

Spina Comes Home

What would happen if an Alien Queen was free on earth? What would happen if the only creature in the universe that has evolved to prey upon and feed exclusively on alien flesh made its way to earth?

What would happen when galactic predators learned of this activity? What would happen if the United States Military learned of missing people in the Adirondack Mountains and observed an alien vessel landing in the Adirondack Mountains?

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Vegenrage: The Magic User

Get ready to be swept off your feet and taken away. Just image you go to your job like you do every day and on your lunch break a demanding presence that only you can see offers to take you away to another world so you can fight the forces of evil.

Would you go? Would you take on the challenge of learning magic and wielding it’s power?

Join Vegenrage as he accepts the.....

Vegenrage: Dragon Reclaim

The dragons have waited a thousand years for Vlianth to appear in the Maglical System. Now he is here and the races of man have become more powerful than the dragons ever thought possible. The human race was nearly wiped from the Maglical System as the dragons concentrated on them during the second Dragon Feast. After the second Dragon Feast, the races of man hunted the dragons until the dragons were forced into hiding. Now the third Dragon.....

The Infected Man

Suffused in menace and charged with suspense, The Infected Man is a terrifying vision of a world about to be gripped by a mysterious plague.

Drake Hammond has been infected with a lethal virus where he is the carrier but all others exposed to his bodily fluids die very quickly. He starts to piece together his past and looks for answers to what is happening to him. What began as a desperate search for answers quickly.....

Vegenrage: Demon Rising

Vegenrage and Farrah let passion rule their hearts. Physicality consumes their bodies, and love flourishes. Vegenrage is unaware that the demon uprising ceremony is going on in Vollenbeln. When Farrah tells him of the death of the demons and those that have survived, Vegenrage recalls knowledge from his library that has been stolen and changed. Vegenrage, Farrah, and the races of man and dragon quickly realize they are all in a fight for their lives and a fight.....

Evan Morristar

Andrew Commons has lived his life as an assassin. He has been the stealthiest and most successful assassin there ever was. So he thought. Now retired and in his midsixties, Andrew is getting letters from someone who knows his past. His worst nightmare is coming true. Someone is having his children and the women Andrew conceived his children with assassinated. Can Andrew find out who is behind this, and can he save his most cherished and firstborn son,.....

Rob and Crystal

Robbie has been told by his grandmother that he is going to save the world and marry the most beautiful woman in the world. These bedtime stories keep him smiling and happy to see his grandmother. His life takes a very unforeseen turn as his parents are killed, and he is raised to be a stone-cold killer.

His grandmother has not abandoned him, and she comes to him in visions even after her passing. She guides.....

What Do You Want for Dinner? Earthling

Chris Darlara is gathering all the kids from the class of 2010 at his mansion in Deborah, Colorado. It is a night of celebration as the young adults gather for a hilarious good time full of young-adult fun.

See the Darlara mansion in all its splendor. See the cream of the crop from the class of 2010. The night is going great—full of great laughs, great stories, and beautiful young adults coming together. Little do they know that they have.....

City Folk

The legend of the Camel Hump Hillbillies is no joke. No one goes to the north side of Camel Hump Mountain because no one comes back from there. How did these hillbillies come to be? How did they get there? What are they really? Get ready for a ride in horror.

Meet Trans, Kesha Satomomo, Marco Hernandez, Conway Addable, and Tubby Timms. The misfit guardian hunters have bonded, and now they hunt the hillbillies. Join them on a harrowing adventure.....